We currently have 118 members across all our investment networks around the world and this number is growing fast.

Ticket and funding round sizes vary depending on the needs and desires of the entrepreneur - we have clients looking to raise funds ranging from a Rs. 25 Lacs to a maximum of Rs. 2 Crores.

Our service is free to investors. There are no costs involved while browsing the startups or attending any of our events.

We do not share your name or contact information with anyone except entrepreneurs you choose to connect with. Connections with entrepreneurs are made completely on your terms so your details are private until you decide to connect with a particular entrepreneur.

This platform is designed to be used by sophisticated investors or investment professionals. Please check the registration page for more details.

Login to your account and click on ‘My Profile’, you can go to email settings to turn off or change the frequency. You can also change the type of email you receive through clicking on investment criteria.

Our pitches are submitted by individual entrepreneurs, companies and incubators from our networks all over the world. You can use search filters and profile settings to prioritise which pitches appear in your list.

Go to your profile settings and make sure you have set your investment criteria to match your investment priorities.

You can use our quick filters or the advanced filters in the pitch search bar to help filter pitches.

When you see a pitch that you find interesting, click ‘I’m interested’. This will send a message to the entrepreneur notifying us of your interest to fund a startup. We will then organize a one-to-one online meet for resolving any of your queries. We have routine pitch sessions with all of our startups which is a great source for resolving investor queries.

This is not a crowdfunding site. The purpose of this site is to facilitate investments between a syndication of investors. Once the initial contact has been established and a timeline is completed by our investors, we would then structure the investment in a particular format. To know more about the format you can reach us at +91-9545771114 or email us at invest@syndicapvp.com

The total funding required is an estimate entered by the entrepreneur. Should you choose to invest, your money will have an immediate influence as soon as you transfer it to your chosen company. The target does not have to be reached, like on crowdfunding sites, before your money is transferred. This would come down to a private discussion between you and the entrepreneur.

We do strongly advise you to do your own due diligence on any company you are considering investing in. Our selective criteria has a niche has stringent due-diligence approach in start-ups which can be referred on our website.

Send us a message through the "Contact Us" page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.